The AQUAGREEN CLEAN Program was specifically developed to provide high performance cleaning procedures in sensitive and unique facilities such as aquariums, zoos, museums, theaters, atriums, stages, malls, exhibit halls etc. These services are provided through TeamDRS. The focus of the program is to first identify the health and safety issues within the interior of a building as well as address areas of concern, individual needs and sensitivities.

Thereafter, a corrective cleaning plan is designed for the interior environment. Included in the plan is the development of custom products and formulations to fit the specific needs within the confinements of your environment. We understand that no two environments are the same, therefore no two products or cleaning methods should be assumed.

Next, we create procedures and/or cleaning schedules to accommodate the unique needs of the building. This is completed with the understanding that TeamDRS must also address any and all ventilation requirements to mitigate any threats to air quality. Lastly, our 35 plus years of knowledge and experience from environmental cleaning, restoration, chemical biology and hazardous remediation is used to communicate and introduce our cleaning plans into the standard operating procedures (SOP) of the facility for on-going maintenance.

When cleaning processes are improperly carried out, it can adversely affect the health of building occupants, especially when ventilation is poor. One of the primary goals of a Healthy High Performance Cleaning Program is to protect the building while establishing a healthy and safe indoor environment for occupants, guests and the overall structure of the building. This is done in many ways to aid in the removal of harmful contaminants such as particulates, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, corrosion, rust, salt residue, stains, odors and more.

With that in mind, AQUAGREEN CLEAN was created and developed exclusively by and for iBio as a one-of-a-kind resource that could professionally provide and deliver the very highest standard of cleaning and building restoration through TeamDRS. iBio has created the only team in the world that can combine Air Quality Control with Bioscience Cleaning using High Structural Cleaning Techniques. Not only do we have the expertise to develop and implement the right solution, but we can also deliver these techniques safely through TeamDRS. TeamDRS technicians are certified, trained and skilled using rigging gear, high structure scaffolding, lifts, cranes and ladders. Although this equipment is often required for High Structural Cleaning and Remediating Projects, it is not easily delivered with certified cleaning technicians.