Our Story

With direction from Lisa Levison, CEO, the AQUAGREEN CLEAN Program comes with more than 20 years of experience in facility management, indoor environmental consulting and anti-microbial facility remediation. Lisa leads a team of indoor environmental technicians that provide day-to-day solutions for unique facility environments.

By analyzing and remediating the environmental requirements within GAI for the last 8 to 10 years, Lisa and her team have been able to turn the focus to finding more effective solutions for areas of concerns that are typically not addressed and or managed properly.

Lisa’s drive to achieve and deliver the very best results has resulted into the development of facility specific products, tools and processes. These products and procedures relate to any aquarium’s special issues, from salt water build up within air vents to the restoration of cloudy acrylic to overwhelming particulate debris caused by high volume of guest. Our team is always focused on finding the most basic solution to protect animals, occupants, building infrastructure and the vast array of surfaces from everyday cross contamination and basic time-related deterioration. Lisa and her team understand the damage that water, salt, airflow and particulate debris bring into a facility.

Team-DRS is our exclusive 24/7 team of certified technicians, trained to go up over 100ft to access any surface, duct or structure.We believe you must be able to begin at the top and work your way down to effectively remediate and restore any environment back to the safest and healthiest state.

The results we have chronicled have been phenomenal. We document all processes within a Standard Operating Manual that is designed and created for the facility. After we provide one on one training of the facility and housekeeping staff, this manual is left for the facility to use and depend on. By designing our products to specifically resolve each problem at hand, we ensure the highest level of environmental health and safety is being provided while the act of housekeeping is being performed.